Get a free branded
for your clunky link-in-bio

Automatically forwards to your link-in-bio.
Zero technical skills required.

Absolutely free for 6 months 1 year. No credit card required.

What is Linklab

Linklab transforms your ordinary link-in-bio like into a branded link such as in just seconds.

What's more, Linklab auto-forwards your branded link to your existing link-in-bio page. All you have to do is provide your existing link-in-bio, pick a branded link of your choice, and you are all set!

Plus, you'll receive two free email ids (like [email protected]) to further boost your professional brand.

Linklab is absolutely free to use for 6 months the first year (special launch offer) with no obligation to continue. You don’t need a credit card to sign up.

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Why Linklab

How it works

First, share your link-in-bio. Second, select a branded link. Finally, sign up to auto-forward your chosen branded link to your link-in-bio. Use it absolutely free for 6 months 1 year, as part of our special launch offer, along with two branded email ids.

It's that simple!


Frequently Asked Questions

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