Creating a link-in-bio on Taplink for Instagram? Here’s all you need to know to get started!

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What is is a link-in-bio tool for creating customized landing pages that consolidate all your social media links. This platform allows for extensive customization, including options to change background images, color schemes, and the overall layout of the landing page. It's a high-converting landing page builder featuring professional templates and drag-and-drop functionality, making it a powerful tool for turning your bio link into a navigation hotspot. 

If you plan on using Taplink for Instagram, consider getting a free branded link from Linklab. Your Taplink link-in-bio on Instagram plays a big role in reinforcing your brand for your followers. You can make the most of the branding opportunity by getting a free branded link like from Linklab that auto-forwards to your link-in-bio page. Claim your free link now!

Who is Taplink for?

Taplink is designed for a wide range of users, including entrepreneurs, influencers, e-commerce stores, and bloggers. It is particularly beneficial for anyone looking to drive traffic to external content from their social media bios. By offering a single link that leads to a landing page with multiple destinations, Taplink serves as a versatile tool for Instagram users and other social media platforms, helping them centralize their online content and enhance audience engagement. 

To transform your partially-branded Taplink link-in-bio into a fully branded tool for increasing brand recall, get a free branded link from Linklab. Linklab gives you a free branded link like for 1 year that auto-forwards to your Taplink page. Linklab also offers 2 free branded email IDs like, with each branded link. Claim your link now

How does Taplink work?

Taplink provides users with a link for their Instagram bio, redirecting them to a mobile-optimized landing page. This landing page can include various Call-To-Action (CTA) elements, forms for lead collection, and buttons that directly connect clients to chat services. Taplink effectively turns a single Instagram bio link into a comprehensive hub for multiple destinations, enabling users to showcase a broader range of content and interactions through one streamlined link.

The one streamlined link, however, is generic and only partially branded. To make it a fully branded link, get a free branded link from Linklab! Linklab offers a free branded link like for 6 months 1 year (special launch offer) that auto-forwards to your Taplink link-in-bio. Claim your link now!

What are the steps to using Taplink?

The steps to using Taplink are straightforward:

1. Start by creating a landing page on Taplink, using the available templates and customization options.

2. Add various elements to your landing page, including text, links, images, messaging apps, banners, inquiry forms, etc.

3. Customize the design to align the landing page with your brand or personal aesthetic.

4. The final step involves integrating the landing page with Instagram by placing the Taplink link-in-bio in your Instagram bio. Before you do that, find out how Linklab can help you make your link-in-bio more credible and brandable.

Why you need Linklab for your Taplink page

Linklab enhances the experience for Taplink users by offering complimentary branded links, a step up from the usual semi-branded link-in-bio option. This service allows a simple Taplink link, for example, '', to be upgraded into a completely branded URL like '' Additionally, each free branded link provided by Linklab comes with 2 complimentary branded email addresses, such as or, thereby boosting the authenticity of your digital identity. 


To create a Linklab link for your Taplink, follow these steps:

1. Visit

2. Use the form on the homepage to create your free branded link

3. Copy the link to your Taplink page from your Taplink account

4. Paste this link into the provided form and select Taplink as your provider

5. Browse through the different branded link options available on new top-level domain extensions like .online, .store, .space, .site, .tech, and more. Choose a free branded link that best matches your brand and preferences

6. Click on ‘Claim now’ to get your selected branded link

7. In about 45 minutes, your free branded link will be ready for use.

8. Update your social media profiles by replacing the Taplink link in your bio with your newly acquired free branded link from Linklab.

What are some alternatives?

When considering alternatives to, Linktree emerges as a significant competitor. In the comparison of Taplink vs Linktree, it's important to recognize that although both offer a variety of features, their standard free link-in-bio services are generally basic and lack uniqueness. For example, links like or might not be very distinctive.

However, with a free branded link from Linklab, which can auto-forward to your Taplink or Linktree profile, you can significantly enhance your branding on social media. Claim your Linklab link now!


Taplink vs Linktree

Taplink is particularly well-suited for content creators, influencers, and small businesses, focusing on user engagement and offering essential analytics with limited customization. It is noted for its ease of use and security features, and it includes monetization options such as Venmo or Patreon.

On the other hand, Linktree is often more cost-effective for users who need advanced customization and comprehensive analytics. It integrates with a range of marketing tools and offers built-in features for direct financial contributions, making it a better choice for those looking to enhance their online content’s visibility. Both Taplink and Linktree prioritize user-friendliness and security, catering to a wide range of user needs and goals.

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