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Get a free branded link for your Beacons link-in-bio

What is

The best way to answer your question “What is” is that it’s a great link aggregator. lets you display your social media links and any other website links on a micro landing page in a presentable way under specific headings.

Many creators, small businesses, and professionals have a presence on multiple social media platforms and may want to showcase their collaborations in one place, such as a website. However, most social media platforms only allow a single link in your bio, making it look crowded with multiple links.

A solution to this problem is to use a link aggregator like This tool allows you to display all your social media and website links on a micro landing page with specific headings, making it look presentable.

However, the link you get from is only partially branded. With Linklab, you can get a free branded link ( that auto-forwards to your link ( and makes it more brandable. A Linklab link also comes with 2 fully branded email IDs and is free to use for 6 months 1 year (special launch offer). Claim your link now!

How does work? is a link aggregator that allows you to add multiple links to a micro landing page. With, you can create a micro landing page that compiles all your links and share it as your link-in-bio with followers.

A Beacons link or micro landing page is completely customizable. It comes with preloaded themes and allows you to add a brief description of your brand on the page. Your Beacons link can host multimedia content, such as music, videos, and articles, and track analytics like clicks, views, and CTR for you. is also extremely user-friendly and makes updating your information effortless.

The only downside to a Beacons link is that you need to share prime branding real estate like your social bio, with However, Linklab can help you transform your ordinary Beacons link ( into a fully branded link like You can get your chosen branded link on a new top-level domain extension like .Online, .Store, or .Site that auto-forwards to your Beacons link and 2 free branded email IDs like [email protected]. The best part? All this is entirely free for the first 6 months 1 year (special launch offer). Claim your link now.

Who is for? is mainly for content creators, social media influencers or any brand that uses social media actively.

For instance, if you are an influencer who is running active accounts on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube, you would want your followers from each platform to be able to find you on other platforms as well. Link aggregators like make that possible with their micro landing pages.

If the partially branded nature of a link is becoming a roadblock for you. You can always come to Linklab and get a free branded link that auto-forwards to your link-in-bio. Claim your link now.

Why you need a branded link from Linklab for

Linklab transforms your ordinary link-in-bio like ‘’ into a branded link such as ‘’. Using the free branded link offered by Linklab, you can leverage one of the most valuable branding opportunities on your social media, your link-in-bio. By using a branded link in your bio, you are making it easier for your followers to find and access your content and creating a more professional and cohesive online presence.

A branded link can help to reinforce your brand identity, increase brand recognition, and improve your overall credibility and trustworthiness. With Linklab, you can customize your branded link to match your brand name or personal identity. Whether you are an influencer, a business, or an organization, using a branded link from Linklab can help you stand out in the crowded online marketplace. Claim your link now!

How do you use Linklab with

Step 1 - Create and verify a account
Start with signing up for an account on, share relevant information, and verify your account through email.

Step 2 - Add and organize your links
Login to access your dashboard, and make your micro landing page. Once done, you can start adding links to your different online channels. Use widgets and add headings to organize your links and content.

Step 3 - Make the landing page aesthetically pleasing
You also get the option to choose a page design that best suits your brand. Once you choose your template and colors, add a relevant profile picture and brand description and you are ready to go.

Step 4 - Get a free branded link from Linklab
Make the most of the branding opportunity that a link-in-bio offers by getting a free branded link that auto-forwards to your Beacons page. Linklab offers free branded links & 2 branded email IDs that are free to use for 6 months 1 year (special launch offer).

Once you’re done with step 4, add your free branded link to your Instagram, Tiktok, or any other social media platform’s bio. It’s that simple!

What are some alternatives

There are several alternatives that offer similar features. Let’s compare it to two of its key competitors — Linktree and Milkshake. Let’s take a look at Linktree vs’s and Beacons vs Milkshake’s features.

However, Linktree, Milkshake and Beacons offer partially-branded and generic links like, ‘’ or ‘’. Using a free branded link from Linklab that auto-forwards to your Linktree, Milkshake or Beacons link can help you take advantage of their link compilation capabilities while using a free branded link that is in line with your brand and makes your online presence more cohesive. Claim your link now.

Beacons vs Linktree
Beacons ai is a social media management tool that allows you to manage all of your social media accounts in one place. The platform offers several features such as post-scheduling, analytics, and content curation. Linktree on the other hand does not offer any of these features. also comes out on top because of its reporting and tracking features. However, is designed specifically for social media management and is not suitable for other types of content. Also, Beacons’ paid plans start at $49 per month, while Linktree's paid plans start at as low as $5, making Linktree the more suitable choice for creators and entrepreneurs on a budget.

Beacons vs Milkshake
Beacons and Milkshake are both link in bio tools with a variety of features. Beacons has a free plan with unlimited links, but it adds a watermark on your landing pages. Milkshake has no watermark on landing pages, even on the free plan, but it has a limited free plan with only 3 links. Both platforms offer customizable landing pages, integrations, and analytics dashboards. Beacons' paid plans start at $10/month, while Milkshake's paid plans start at $5/month. If you're looking for a free link in bio tool with unlimited links, then Beacons is a good option. However, if you're looking for a platform with no watermark on your landing pages and more affordable pricing, then Milkshake is a better choice.

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