Are you thinking of getting a Linkpop (Shopify product) link for your bio? Read this first!

Get a free branded link for your Linkpop link

What is Linkpop?

Shopify’s Linkpop is a social commerce tool or, more specifically, a link-in-bio tool that can help you create a free page where you can compile your most relevant links. If you use Instagram or TikTok and want to add an integrated link in your bio, Linkpop can come in handy.

The landing page you create using Linkpop (Shopify product) can include your social, website, work, and even shoppable links. All you have to do is share a single link in your bio, and when someone clicks on that link, they will land on your Linkpop (Shopify product) landing page and have access to your entire online presence.

Linkpop links are partially-branded and may pose a problem for creators and entrepreneurs who have just started building their brands. Here’s a linkpop URL example to give you a clearer idea — ‘linkpop/yourbrand’. A partially branded link that gives your provider first billing isn’t the best use of valuable real estate like your bio. Instead, you can come to Linklab right after you create your Linkpop (Shopify product) page and get a free branded link that auto-forwards to it. Linklab’s branded links are free for 6 months 1 year (special launch offer) and come with 2 free branded email IDs. Claim yours now!

How does Linkpop work?

Shopify's Linkpop is a free, customizable link-in-bio tool that lets you send visitors and followers to a curated collection of all your best links. You can use Linkpop (Shopify product) to add products to your social bio and turn it into a digital storefront.

Here's how Shopify's Linkpop works:

  1. Create a Linkpop account.
  2. Connect your Shopify store.
  3. Add products to your Linkpop.
  4. Customize your Linkpop's look and feel.
  5. Get a free branded link from Linklab for your Linkpop page before sharing it on social media.

When someone clicks on your Linkpop link, they go to a landing page that displays all of the links you've added. They can then click on any of the links and go to the corresponding website or product page.

You can also use Linkpop to sell products directly from your social media bio if you have a Shopify store. To do this, add products to your Linkpop and enable the "Shopify Checkout" option. When someone clicks on a product link, they go to a Shopify checkout page where they can purchase the product without leaving your social media bio.

Linkpop is a great way to improve your social media presence and boost sales. It's easy to use, affordable and can help you connect with your audience more meaningfully. However, the link you receive for your Linkpop page is still partially branded. Here’s what you can expect a Linkpop link to look like (Linkpop examples) ‘’ or ‘’

Which is why you need a free branded link from Linklab. Linklab’s free branded links come in the name of your choice, like, and auto-forward to your Linkpop page. Additionally, they are free to use for 1 whole year and come with 2 free branded email IDs.

Who is Linkpop for?

Regardless of whether someone is a Shopify merchant, they can use Shopify’s Linkpop as their link-in-bio tool. Anyone who owns a business, creates art, uses several social media platforms, or has quite a few things to display, can use Shopify’s Linkpop.

However, the option to add shoppable links is only for Shopify merchants. If you are a new creator or launching a new business, Linkpop can help you grow your brand and audience. And whenever you are ready to launch your Shopify store, you can share your shoppable links on the page. Even though anyone can use Linkpop (Shopify product), they target users who would eventually want to build a Shopify store.

If you’re a store owner using Shopify and are trying to get a Linkpop link for your social media bios, check out Linklab before you add your Linkpop page to your social media channels. You can find a short, catchy, and relevant ‘.Store’ link that is free, branded, and auto-forwards to your Linkpop page.

Why you need a free branded link from Linklab for your Linkpop page

Linklab transforms your ordinary link-in-bio like ‘’ into a branded link such as ‘’. Using a free branded link from Linklab can leverage your social media bio to create brand recognition and recall. Using a branded link in your bio will make it much easier for your followers to find and access your content and remember your link for future use.

But most importantly, with a free branded link, you can create a more professional and cohesive online presence for your brand.

A branded link is a special name tag for your website that helps people remember and trust your brand. With a tool like Linklab, you can make your own unique link that matches your brand or your name at zero cost. It doesn't matter if you're a famous person, a business, or a group; having your own free branded link from Linklab can make you more noticeable on the internet. It can also help you reach your goal of getting your brand name out there.

Linklab also offers 2 free branded email IDs with every branded link and is free to use for the first year.

How do you create a free branded link on Linklab for your Linkpop page

Here is a step-wise guide on how you can create a Linkpop (Shopify product) page and use Linklab to get your branded link:

Step 1 - The first step is to make your free account on Linkpop
Step 2 - Once you have created your account, start building your landing page. Add photos, links, and CTA (call to action) buttons.
Step 3 - Linkpop lets you change the font, logo, background colors, and more to customize the page according to your preference.
Step 4 - Once you customize the page, you can save your changes, and you should have a Linkpop link.
Step 5 - Instead of sharing your partially-branded Linkpop link, you can use Linklab to get your own free branded link that auto-forwards to your Linkpop page.
Step 6 - You can share your branded link from Linklab on your social media bios or share it with your audience through ads or blogs. Whenever someone clicks on your Linklab link, it will auto-forward to your Linkpop page. You also get 2 free branded email IDs from Linklab with your free branded link. And all of this is completely free to use for 6 months 1 year (special launch offer).

What are some Linkpop alternatives

Several alternatives to Linkpop offer similar features. Let’s compare Linkpop to one of its key competitors — Linktree

Both Linkpop and Linktree, however, offer generic and unmemorable links. For example, or Using a free branded link from Linklab that auto-forwards to your Linkpop or Linktree can help you take advantage of Linkpop and Linktree’s link compilation while using a free branded link that is in line with your brand and makes your online presence more cohesive.

Linkpop vs Linktree
Linkpop is a link-in-bio tool that allows you to create a landing page with multiple links. It offers a variety of features, including analytics, custom domains, and link scheduling. Linkpop's unique feature is its page view tracking, which lets you see how many times your landing page has been viewed. This is not a feature offered by Linktree.
Linkpop's free plan includes all features, while Linktree's free plan is limited to three links. Linkpop's premium plan starts at $9 per month, while Linktree's paid plans start at $6 monthly.

In the end, the ideal link-in-bio tool for you will hinge on your specific requirements and financial resources. If you desire a feature-rich tool and are keen on monitoring your page views, consider using Linkpop. Conversely, if you're budget-conscious and page view tracking is not a necessity for you, Linktree could be an appropriate selection.

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