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What is Tap Bio?

Tap Bio is a service enabling the creation of personalized, branded mini-websites filled with links for sharing with your Instagram or Tiktok followers. It's a site builder for mobile landing pages, offering a user-friendly interface to create landing pages optimized for mobile users. Tap Bio's distinct feature is its "cards" interface, where each card acts as an extension of the landing page, each with a different function, like linking multiple URLs or connecting Instagram posts to specific links.

Tap Bio links, however, are generic and unmemorable, like tap.bio/yourbrandname12. To make the most of the branding opportunity a link-in-bio offers, you need to get a free branded link from Linklab. Linklab offers a free branded link like www.yourbrand.online for 1 year (special launch offer) that will auto-forward to your Tap Bio page and help increase your brand recall. A Linklab branded link also comes with 2 free branded email IDs that can help boost your credibility. Claim your link now

Who is Tap Bio for?

Tap Bio is ideal for social media influencers, digital entrepreneurs, and anyone looking to market themselves on Instagram or Tiktok. It's a versatile tool that suits anyone needing to share multiple links or promote various aspects of their digital presence through one or less than five social media profile links.

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What does Tap Bio do?

Tap Bio allows users to create a customized landing page that can house multiple links, images, or messages, enabling users to avoid the hassle of constantly changing their Instagram or Tiktok link-in-bio. The service offers different card styles for various purposes, like showcasing recent posts, linking to other social media channels, or focusing on a single call to action.

However, a generic link from Tap Bio can miss the mark when it comes to reinforcing your brand on social media. Upgrade your Tapbio experience with a free branded link from Linklab. Linklab offers a free branded link like www.yourbrand.online for one full year that auto-forwards to your Tapbio page. Claim your free branded link now!

How to create a Tap Bio link?

You can create a Tap Bio link in 5 simple steps:

1. Head over to https://tap.bio/ and click "Create Account." Enter your email address and choose a password to get started.

2. Once logged in, you can personalize your Tapbio profile. This includes adding a profile picture, writing a bio, and linking your social media accounts.

3. Click on "Create Card" and choose from various card types like website links, buttons, images, and even embedded forms.

4. Customize each card to your liking. Add titles, descriptions, icons, and background images to make your Tap Bio link visually appealing. You can even adjust the card layout and spacing for a cohesive look.

5. Once you're happy with your Tap Bio cards, click "Publish" to make your link live. You'll receive a unique Tap Bio link that you can share on your social media platforms, website, or anywhere else online. If you want to make the most of your Tap Bio link, take it to Linklab to get a free branded link that auto-forwards to your Tap Bio page. Read on to learn how. 

Why you need Linklab for your Tap Bio

Linklab helps you take your Tap Bio presence to the next level. With a free branded link like www.yourbrand.online from Linklab, you can elevate your brand recall, boost credibility, and seamlessly auto-forward users to your Tap Bio page. The best part? It's completely free for the first year!

Here are the steps to get a free branded link from Linklab: 

  1. Visit www.linklab.site.
  2. Enter your Tap Bio link and choose Tap Bio as your provider.
  3. Explore and choose a free branded link from exciting top-level domains like .online, .store, .space, or .tech.
  4. Claim your chosen link and get ready to impress! Within 45 minutes, your free branded link will be ready to use.
  5. Update your social media bios and other online platforms with your new Linklab link, replacing the generic Tap.bio version.

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