Follow this essential guide to create an InstaBio link-in-bio and get a free branded link!

Get a free branded link for your InstaBio!

What is InstaBio?

Instabio is a versatile online platform that enables users to create a unique and centralized bio link. It's designed to maximize online presence, particularly on social media platforms like Instagram, by allowing users to link multiple content sources under one easily shareable link.

Instabio links, however, are only partially branded and generic. Transform your InstaBio link-in-bio into a free branded link with Linklab. Get a free branded link like that will auto-forward to your generic link-in-bio. Also, get two free branded email IDs. Claim your link now!

Who is Instabio for?

Instabio is ideal for social media influencers, content creators, entrepreneurs, and anyone looking to consolidate their online content. It's particularly useful for Instagram users who want to share multiple links through their bio effectively.

Instabio links are not completely branded and are quite generic. However, you can turn your InstaBio link-in-bio into a free, fully branded link thanks to Linklab. Get a branded link like that will auto-forward to your generic link-in-bio. Also, take advantage of two free branded email IDs. Don't waste any more time; claim your branded link now with Linklab.

What is Instabio used for?

Instabio is used for creating a single, customizable link that hosts multiple URLs. This can include links to social media profiles, websites, blogs, videos, and other online content. It's a tool to simplify content sharing and drive traffic to various online platforms.

If you're using Instabio links, you may be missing out on a unique branding opportunity. But with Linklab, you can create a fully branded link for free. Get a branded link like that will automatically redirect to your generic link-in-bio. And, you'll also get two free branded email IDs. Take advantage of this opportunity and claim your branded link today.

How to create an Instabio link?

To create an Instabio link:

1. Register on the Instabio platform.

2. Add your desired links to the Instabio page.

3. Customize your page with design elements and personal branding.

4. Share your Instabio link in your social media bios or other digital platforms.

Why you need Linklab for your Instabio

To enhance the partially branded link-in-bio, InstaBio users can benefit from Linklab's free branded links. Linklab can transform an ordinary link like into a fully branded link like ‘’ Every free branded link from Linklab also comes with two free branded email IDs such as or, which help to make your online presence more credible.

To create a Linklab link for your InstaBio, please follow these steps:

1. Visit
2. On the homepage, you will find a form where you can create your free branded link.
3. Copy the link to your InstaBio from your account.
4. Paste the link into the provided form and select InstaBio as your provider.
5. Explore the available branded link options on new top-level domain extensions like .online, .store, .space, .site, .tech and more, and select a free branded link that aligns with your brand and preferences.
6. Click on ‘Claim now’ to get your chosen branded link.
7. In 45 minutes, your free branded link will be ready to use.
8. Update your social media by replacing the InstaBio link in your bio with your free branded link from Linklab.

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