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What is HiHello Me?

HiHello is a digital business card app that enables users to create, manage, and share their personalized business cards with others digitally. Users can create multiple cards with different information to share in various contexts.

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Who are HiHello business cards for?

HiHello is a platform that caters specifically to business owners, freelancers, job seekers, professionals, and students who require an effective method for sharing their professional contact details. The website is particularly useful for creators, influencers, and small businesses, offering services tailored to enhance their branding and networking efforts. Users in these target audiences will find HiHello especially beneficial in amplifying their professional presence.

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How does HiHello Me work?

Whether you're a seasoned professional or a budding entrepreneur, HiHello ensures your networking process is streamlined with a HiHello business card. Here’s how you can create your own HiHello business card:

  1. Download the HiHello app on your smartphone or visit the HiHello website and sign up for a new account
  2. Once logged in, click the 'create new card' option.
  3. Input your professional details, such as your name, job title, company name, contact information, and any other relevant details.
  4. Personalize your digital business card by adding a professional photo, selecting a preferred color scheme or layout, and adding any relevant social media links or a personal website.
  5. Save your digital business card. You can then share it via email, QR code, or a unique link.

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Why you need a branded link for a HiHello business card

Your HiHello digital business card is the first professional interaction you have with prospective collaborators, investors, partners, or customers. The more tailored and professional it appears, the greater your credibility.

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Here’s how you can get a free branded link for your HiHello business card:

  1. Go to
  2. Select your HiHello as your digital business card provider
  3. Paste your HiHello business card link
  4. Click on ’Claim your link’
  5. Select a free branded link for your HiHello business card
  6. Set up your branded email IDs while your free branded link auto-forwards to your digital business card.

It’s that simple! Claim your link now.

What are some HiHello alternatives

There are several alternatives to HiHello, but let’s compare it to its key competitors — Blinq App and Popl.

Before we compare Blinq vs HiHello or HiHello vs Popl, let’s look at their key similarities. All three apps offer a generic and ordinary link for their digital business cards. For example, or Using a free branded link from Linklab that auto-forwards to your Blinq, Popl or HiHello business card can help you take advantage of HiHello, Popl and Blinq’s highly customizable digital business cards while using a free branded link that is in line with your brand and makes your online presence more cohesive.

HiHello vs Blinq
HiHello and Blinq both provide platforms for creating digital business cards. HiHello presents a straightforward, cost-effective solution, while Blinq is a more robust platform with a plethora of features.
HiHello prides itself on its ease of use, affordability, and customizability. It delivers basic analytics and integrates seamlessly with Google Calendar, Trello, and Asana. The free plan from HiHello enables you to form a digital business card encompassing up to 3 links.
Blinq, on the other hand, outshines HiHello in terms of features, user base, and integration capability. It offers more sophisticated analytics and integrates with Slack, Zoom, Calendly, and HubSpot. The free plan on Blinq lets you create a digital business card with up to 1 link.
In conclusion, the optimal digital business card platform hinges on your specific needs and financial limitations. If you're seeking a simple, cost-efficient solution, HiHello may be the right fit. Conversely, if you desire a more potent platform with abundant features, Blinq would be an ideal choice.

HiHello vs Popl
Both HiHello and Popl are great digital business card platforms, each with its unique advantages. HiHello appeals with its modern, minimalist design and analytics, but lacks NFC functionality and is only available on iOS and Android. Popl, meanwhile, offers a more traditional business card aesthetic and NFC functionality for instant sharing, but its design may be too complex for some. The choice between the two largely comes down to personal preference and specific needs such as design aesthetics, ease of sharing, and platform availability.

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