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What is is a tool for creating a personalized link-in-bio, primarily for use on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. It allows users to create a mobile-optimized landing page in minutes, featuring a variety of tools like links, titles, dividers, social accounts, and groups for organizing and optimizing the bio link for an audience. links, however, are only partially branded. To elevate your link-in-bio to a fully branded link like try Linklab offers a free branded link for a full year on new top-level domain extensions like .store, .site, .tech, .online and more. Along with two free branded email IDs that can help make your online presence more professional and credible. Claim your free branded link today!

Who is for? is designed for creators, influencers, solo entrepreneurs, small businesses, or anyone who values customization and flexibility in their digital presence. It's particularly beneficial for those who want to focus on their craft without being bogged down by the business side of things.

Transform your online branding strategy beyond the generic link by Redefine your link-in-bio with a fully branded link, such as Linklab can make this transformation happen with their free branded links that auto-forward to your generic link-in-bio. A branded link from Linklab is completely free to use for the first year and comes with two free branded email IDs. Claim your branded link now!

What does do? enables users to create a link-in-bio that reflects their brand and artistry. It supports over 30 integrations and 40 link types, allowing for a highly optimized profile. Features include embedding content from platforms like YouTube or Spotify directly into the profile, fundraising through support links, adding opt-in forms for follower engagement, and displaying an image grid synced with Instagram posts.

Boost your online branding beyond the limits of a generic link from Transform your generic link-in-bio into a distinct, fully branded link such as Linklab enables this upgrade by offering a free branded link along with 2 branded email IDs for 1 year. Grab your branded link now!

How to create a link?

  1. To create a link, the 'Make My Bio Link' setup wizard can be utilized. 
  2. This tool allows for the quick creation of a landing page by finding and implementing website colors, fonts, copy, button styles, links, profile images, and social accounts. 
  3. This entire process is free for Pro users and available for a one-time payment for free users.

Why you need Linklab for your Campsite

Linklab can benefit users by providing free branded links that enhance the otherwise partially branded link-in-bio. Linklab can transform an ordinary link like into a fully branded link like ‘’ Every free branded link from Linklab also comes with 2 free branded email IDs like or contact, which help make your online presence more credible.

To create a Linklab link for your, follow these steps:

  • Visit
  • On the homepage, you will find a form where you can create your free branded link
  • Copy the link to your from your account.
  • Paste the link into the provided form and select Flowpage as your provider
  • Explore the available branded link options on new top-level domain extensions like .online, .store, .space, .site, .tech and more, and select a free branded link that aligns with your brand and preferences
  • Click on ‘Claim now’ to get your chosen branded link
  • In 45 minutes, your free branded link will be ready to use
  • Update your social media by replacing the link in your bio with your free branded link from Linklab

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