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Get a free branded link for your Digital Business Card

Linklab supports links from all of these digital business card providers!

Get a free branded link for your digital business card from Dibiz, HiHello, QR Code Chimp, Blinq app, and Carrd.

Linklab offers free branded links like ‘www.businesscard.online’ that auto-forward to your digital business card link from any of the above providers. All branded links are free for the first year and come with 2 free branded email IDs. Claim your link today!

What is a Digital Business Card?

A digital business card is a unique, digital format of your traditional paper business card. It includes your name, contact information, business affiliation, website, and social media links. The digital format enables easy sharing via email, social media, or even QR codes.

Most digital business cards come with a shareable link. The link, however, is often partially branded or not branded at all. This can be a truly missed branding opportunity and make your brand look less professional and credible than your competitors. Linklab can help you fix this. We offer free branded links for digital business cards from Dibiz, Blinq, HiHello, Carrd, and more, along with 2 free branded email IDs. And all of this is free to use for 6 months a whole year (special launch offer)! Claim your link now!

Who is a Digital Business Card for?

Digital business cards are used by anyone in a professional setting, such as entrepreneurs, freelancers, employees, job seekers, and business owners. The best digital business card use case, however, is creators. Digital business card apps are a convenient solution to manage your online presence, especially when it is as diversified as a content creators.

Linklab offers content creators and other professionals a chance to enhance the potential of a digital business card and make it a memorable branding opportunity. With Linklab, you can transform your partially branded/unbranded digital business card link like ‘hihello.me/p/yourbrand’ to a free branded one like ‘www.yourbrand.online’! Try now.

How does a Digital Business Card work?

A digital business card works just like a traditional business card but in a digital format. It contains your essential contact information and can be shared electronically via email, text messages, social media, or a QR code. You can also directly share the link to your digital business card on your social media bios or other professional networking sites.

Before you do, transform your ordinary digital business card link into a free branded link with Linklab. A free branded link from Linklab comes with 2 free branded email IDs. It automatically forwards your original digital business card link like ‘blinq.me/yourbrand’ to a branded link like ‘www.yourbrand.online’.

What’s more, free branded links from Linklab are free to use for 6 months 1 year as part of our special launch offer. So claim yours now!

What are some popular apps for creating a Digital Business Card?

Some of the most popular to create digital business cards are Dibiz, Blinq, HiHello, and Carrd. These apps are greatly preferred by creators, entrepreneurs, and young professionals for the effortless creation of a digital business card.

However, all these apps only provide a partially branded business card link, which isn’t the best look for a professional trying to carve their space in the industry. This is where Linklab's free branded links and free branded email come in.

In less than an hour, Linklab can help you set up a free branded link that auto-forwards to your digital business card link and 2 free branded email IDs. Claim your link now.

Are Digital Business Cards free?

Creating a partially branded digital business card offered by QR Code Chimp, Blinq, HiHello, and others is free. And the cherry on top is that it is entirely free to get a fully branded link for 1 whole year from Linklab!

This allows you to enjoy the benefits of a professionally branded link without any additional cost. You also receive two free branded email IDs, adding another layer of personalization to your digital business card and communication.

Why do you need Linklab for your Digital Business Card?

Your digital business card is the first professional correspondence you share with a potential collaborator, investor, partner, or customer. The more professional and personalized it is, the better for your credibility. Most digital business card creators will allow you to personalize your digital business card in your brand colors; however, to truly stand out, you also need a branded and personalized link. And the great news is that Linklab gives you a free branded link for a whole year with 2 free branded email IDs. Giving you an edge over the competition by boosting your credibility.

Here’s how to get a free branded link for your digital business card from Linklab:

  1. Go to www.linklab.site
  2. Select your digital business card provider. For example: HiHello
  3. Paste your digital business card link. For example: hihello.me/p/yourbrand
  4. Click on ’Claim your link’
  5. Select a free branded link for your digital business card. For example: www.yourbrand.online
  6. Set up your branded email IDs (e.g. collab@yourbrand.online) while your free branded link auto-forwards to your digital business card.

It’s that simple! Claim your link now.

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